Brand Ambassadorship

Dave serves as a Brand Ambassador for Certified Angus Beef Brand®. He promotes the company across the country through cooking demonstrations, recipe creation and attendance at various food events and festivals. He’s involved in teaching consumers about the Certified Angus Beef Brand® via television, newspaper articles, radio spots and online podcasts.
  Dave has created recipes for them like Nuseke’s Cherrywood Bacon & Dried Cherry Shortbread and was their Featured Chef at the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals ) Convention in NYC in 2012 and will be working with them and representing them at the 2012 NYC Wine & Food Festival in October 2012. He loves the quality of the brand and continues to promote Nueske’s  and use all of  their wonderful bacons and specialty smoked meats like duck and chicken whether at home or on the road.
He is an industry expert for The Perfect Puree® and their ‘Ask Chef’ program where customers and consumers can ask product questions and get ideas for using the purees and concentrates at home or in the workplace. He also represented them at StarChef’s International Congress in NYC in 2010.


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