Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge


15 oz.

This chocolate sauce wears many hats. Incorporate this fudge
into nearly any dish that calls for chocolate! Roll into a truffle, spread on a cake or waffle or warm for a sundae. The malted milk powder makes this crazy good.


Dave’s Homemade is a company that produces small batch artisanal sauces and rubs along with a two-volume set of cookbooks for the home cook based in New York and founded in 2012 by Chef Dave Martin.  The Company’s Current Signature Products are Roasted Poblano BBQ Dipping & Grilling Sauce, Fire Roasted Fresno Chili, Tomato & Sweet Onion Chunky Style Hot Sauce & Salsa, Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge (made with Guittard Chocolate), Ooey Gooey Caramel Sauce (with Sea Salt & Maple), Sweet & Sassy Smokehouse Rub and Muy Bueno Latin Rub along with a Two-Volume Set of Cookbooks.

** eBOOK available via amazon.com for Kindle for Volume 1 & Volume 2 **International book orders via amazon.co.uk**

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