The Brooklyn Blues

Let’s talk about The Brooklyn Blues. I love Brooklyn and it does not give me the blues but since I used Blueberry and Pom juices I had to get the blues in there somewhere. If you haven’t tried the new Absolut Brooklyn, you need to try it, as its red apple and ginger flavors  work so well together. Spike Lee actually did the artwork for the bottle which is real cool and this is truly one of the more unique flavored vodkas that I’ve tasted in awhile.  These drinks go down way too easy; I created this drink this past summer in Vermont on a summer excursion with the Girvin Family, fun times for all.

The Brooklyn Blues from “Flavor Quest, Volume 2”
Yields 1 cocktail
*Absolut Brooklyn is a delicious mix of red apple & ginger, yummy*



  • 3 oz Absolut Brooklyn Vodka
  • 6 oz POM Blueberry Juice (pomegranate & blueberry)
  • 2 oz ginger ale
  • Bucket glass
  • Ice


Throw your ice into the bucket glass and stir up your Absolut Brooklyn and POM blueberry juice. Top with the ginger ale and give another stir and you have a cocktail that it way to easy to make and way to easy to drink. The bonus, it’s  full of antioxidants.

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